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One Heart" by Celine Dion
Album: "One Heart
Original Position: Feet together, Weight on Left
Choreographer: Chris Watson (NSW, Australia)
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate - 32 count - 4 wall dance      


1,2,3&4  Walk Forward R-L, Right Shuffle Forward R-L-R
5,6,7&8  Rock Forward L, Back onto R, 3/4 Triple Step Turn via L            shoulder, Step L-R-L

1,2,3&4  Rock R to R side and back onto L, Step R behind L, L to L side          and R across in front of L
5,6,7&8  Rock L to L side and back onto R, Step L behind R, R to R side          and L across in front of R doing a 1/4 turn to the right (Now          facing back wall)

1,2&3,4  Step R foot forward pivot a 1/2 turn via L, Stepping R foot          together with L and step L foot forward (&) do a 1/4 turn via          your right shoulder take weight onto R (facing 3 O Clock)
5,6,7&8  Rock L foot forward, Right foot back, do a L coaster step

1,2&3&4  Rock forward onto R, Back onto L, Step R foot back and L heel          forward, Step L foot back and R foot forward with weight onto R
5,6,7&8  Step L foot forward onto a 45 degree angle pushing hips forward          L, Back R then Hips L,R,L

32       Restart in new direction (4 Walls)

Restarts: On wall 3 and 7
After beat 24 (coaster step) Restart dance!

Choreographers note: I Loved this song as soon as I heard it so I choreographed the dance straight away even if it was on the vomit bag on a plane to New Zealand, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!