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pj'S  bootscooters


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  ** Please Note:  All care is taken with Dance Step Description Sheets.  However, errors can occur and if you find any, could you please advise me to enable any corrections to take place.                





All I Can Do       Leonie Smallwood Intermediate
Amazing Love     Carl Sullivan/Kristina Beeby Intermediate
Blue Bones          Jan Wyllie Easy Intermediate
Breathless  Simon Ward Intermediate
Change Of  Heart     Terry Hogan Intermediate
Don't Come Crying  Barbara Smith Intermeidate
Every Man Likes You  Ree Patterson Intermediate
Foever An April Fool  Jan Wyllie Intermediate
Hasta Manana  Charlotte Skeeters Beginner/Inter
Heave Away  Gerard Murphy Intermediate
Heartaches & Honky Tonks Carl Sullivan Intermediate
He's A Heartache   Kevin & Maria Intermediate
Hustle Bustle   Betty Clarke Intermediate
I Still Believe          Gordon Elliott Beginner
It's About Time      Carl Sullivan Intermediate
I'm Outta Love (Set Me Free) Amy Huges & Friends Intermediate
Lingers On Lorraine Marraffa Intermediate
Long Live Love   Jan Wyllie Intermediate
Matter Of Time     Edward Lawton Intermediate
Now Or Never  Kathy Hunyadi Intermediate
On A Mission          Ros Brander-Stephenson Intermediate
On The Inside Lorraine Deering Intermediate
On Your Own        Chris Hodgson Intermediate
Pick A Pocket  Jan Wyllie Intermediate
Ready For Anything Terry Hogan Intermediate
Reet Petite   The Lady In Black Beginner
Return To Me      Jan Wyllie Intermediate
Rollercoaster  Michael Vera-Lobos Intermediate
Shine                      Cathryn Proudfoot Intermediate
This Man, This Woman Michael Barr/Michele Burton Advanced
Too Many Pockets Kevin & Maria Smith Easy Intermediate
Wait A Minute       Warren Mitchell Beginner Intermediate
Wasn't That A Party Ros Brander-Stephenson Intermediate
When You Walked In   Peter Fry Intermediate
You Sang To Me  Michael Vera-Lobos Intermediate

 new51.gif (2696 bytes) Don't forget to check out REE'S WEB SITE  for her dance called "CLEVELAND SHUFFLE" which was choreographed back in 1998.   This dance was never really taught anywhere back in 1998, but it has now just resurfaced and Ree has had several line
dancing instructors in Queensland already very keen to teach it to their classes after seeing
a demonstration of this dance, including Jan Wyllie.

JANUARY to JUNE, 2000         

To see the list of dances that I have taught during this period and for the step sheet
descriptions, just double click on January to June, 2000 above and you will be taken
to a complete list of dances.

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boots2.gif (3493 bytes)

boots2.gif (3493 bytes)