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"Honk If You Honky Tonk" by George Strait
Album: "Honkytonkville"
Original Position: Feet together, Weight on Left
Choreographer: Carl Sullivan (Sydney, NSW, Australia)   July 2003
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate - 32 count - 4 wall dance       


1&2  Kick R fwd, Step R beside L, Step L fwd (Kick, ball-step)
3-4  Touch R toe to R side, Turn 1/2 R on L stepping R beside L (Monterey 1/2 turn)
5&6  Side shuffle L-R-L to L side
7&8  Cross-step R behind L, Rock-step L to L side, Turn 1/4 R stepping R fwd (1/4 Sailor)

1&2  Shuffle fwd L-R-L
3-4  Step R fwd turning 1/4 L, Touch L behind R with clap
5-6  Step L to L side, Touch R behind L with clap
7-8  Turn 1/2 R stepping onto R (Reverse 1/2 Pivot), Step L fwd

1&2  Kick R fwd & slightly R, Step down on R, Touch L behind R
3&4  Kick L fwd & slightly L, Step down on L, Touch R behind L
5-6  Rock-step back on R, Replace weight on L
7-8  Step R fwd, Turn 3/4 L stepping L fwd

1&2  Side shuffle R-L-R to R side
3-4  Rock-step back on L behind R, Replace weight on R
5-6  Step L to L side, Turn 1/2 R stepping R to R side
7&8  Shuffle fwd L-R-L
Tag: After the 2nd Wall facing back do this 4 count tag
1-2  Rock-step fwd on R, Replace weight on L
3-4  Rock-step back on R, Replace weight on L

Finish: You will be facing the 9:00 wall. Dance the first 6 counts, then do the Sailor step to turn to the front wall